Measure – Digital Bowel Health Test Kit



Triple test – 3 tests, 1 result

measure is a bowel cancer self-testing kit that is simple and hygeinic to use in the privacy of your own home. It uses leading edge technology to monitor your gastrointestinal and bowel health, providing you with reassurance and letting you know when you need to seek further advice from your GP.

The measure test is fast, reliable and discreet and it works by detecting blood in stool samples. The test is available for anyone to use; whether you think you might have blood in your stools, you have a family history of bowel cancer, or for any other reason. measure provides accurate results and gives you a greater understanding of how your own body is working. The benefits of the measure bowel cancer self-testing kit include:

  • Detecting a small amount of blood that is not even visible to the human eye
  • Enabling you to take control of your own health at home
  • Giving you a greater chance of beating the disease by catching bowel cancer early on
  • Simple to understand instructions and ease of use
  • A clear display panel that requires no analysis
  • No embarrassing samples to take to the Dr’s surgery or put in the post
  • Screening for all ages rather than waiting until you are 60 for NHS testing
  • An affordable solution that quickly gives you the answers you need
  • Access to information for peace of mind or further action

If you are over 60 you have probably received the NHS screening test in the post. Half of these tests are never returned because users see it as unpleasant to use, with a lengthy and anxious wait for the results. This is not the case with the measure bowel cancer self-testing kit which is very different. Each test takes just 40 seconds and the final result is visible after three easy home tests.

For more information go to Why Self-Test?

Watch our video to see how to use the test.

Additional information

Weight0.235 kg
Kit Contains

Digital reader
3 test cartridges (with stool collection sheet and stool sampler)
Instructions for use

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