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Oxford MEStar Ltd is a spin-out company from the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at Oxford University. We are dedicated to developing new handheld point-of-care devices for the self-testing and professional in vitro diagnostics markets. We also have teams working on bioengineering and technology transfer between the UK and China.

The measure self-testing kit for bowel cancer originates from research at the University of Glasgow carried out over ten years. Oxford MEStar acquired the product and technology in 2016 and has subsequently achieved CE mark certification and launched the product into the UK and Chinese markets.

Oxford MEStar continues to work in partnership with the University of Glasgow to develop new products based on the measure technology and product platform. This includes developing clinical and home testing products for other cancers and infectious diseases, and wearable health technology.

We also work closely with other academic institutions in the UK and from around the world. We welcome all types of collaborations from both academic and industry backgrounds – in particular, those with similar interests and complementary skills.

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